2020 Cake Decorating Trends: 10 Trends I Wish I'd Known Earlier

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A new year means a whole new set of trends when it comes to cake decorating. There's a lot to get excited about in the world of frosting and fondant, with innovative piping work and decorations emerging for 2020. There are also some classic cake adorning techniques that aren’t going anywhere in the near future too. Check out some of the following cake trends that you wish you’d got on board with sooner!

1. Floral cake decorating

Florals are timeless in the world of cake decorating, but bakers are now looking into a super innovative technique to shake up 2020 in true style. Crystallising and pressing edible flowers into the bake itself is a new cake decorating trend you need to get on board with next year. This technique will undoubtedly put your plain old cakes to shame, as you reveal an intricate blossoming showstopper. Flowers make a truly divine looking cake, but they're also a great eco-friendly option. As we are becoming more and more conscious of our impact on the environment it is becoming common to use out of season flowers to decorate cakes. 





Edible flowers on cake

2. Intricate painting cake decorating

Occasion cakes are getting more and more intricate in the new year, as hand painting kicks into high gear. On a simple pastel icing background a keen decorator can hand paint delicate touches onto the various layers. Using contrasting colours is set to be the most popular idea, such as a pastel blue background with an electric blue hand painted design. It will also be common to match this fine detail to the colour scheme of a wedding or party.

3. Greenery and botanical cakes

Beautiful botanical themed cakes were present this year and they’re not going anywhere in 2020 either. As 2020 cake decorating trends go, this is set to be a consistent one. Couples getting married may be opting for green decorations more so than colourful flowers in the new year. It brings a modern, yet classic vibe to any special occasion cake, so it’s no surprise that it’s sticking around.





Botanical cake

4. Gorgeous geometric cake designs

Next year will see a huge wave in popularity of geometric shapes, not only in decorations but in the bakes too. A triangular cake or icing decorated with sharp, clean lines is super modern and attractive. This is a fun new decorating trend to experiment with; customers are bound to be inquisitive about the many geometric options you could create.

5. Marvellous mosaics

When it comes to ideas for decorating cakes in 2020, mosaic designs should be high on your priority list. Although mosaic bathroom tiles may be a thing of the past, cake decorating mosaic skills are well and truly in! Bringing styles from the Middle East into play next year is an effective and ornate trend that people will keep coming back for, no doubt.

6. Magically metallic

Forget plain white and naked cakes, striking metallics are in for the new year. Bronze, silver and gold designs are coming into fashion in the world of cake decorating in 2020. It is a subtle, yet striking acknowledgement to the ever present rustic trends in the wedding bubble. Rose gold will also be a big player in the metallic trend, much like it has been in jewellery design this year.

7. Fabulous flavourings and fault line cakes

As well as new intricate design elements, 2020 also sees an influx of impressive flavour techniques. From elderflower fizz cakes to earl grey sponges, there are so many taste-bud tingling ideas you can get stuck into next year. Flavours are not only a big player in 2020, but fault line frosting is also an upcoming trend. If you search for the fault line frosting hashtag on Instagram, you will see a huge surge in popularity for this trend. This decorative technique is designed to show you a glimmer inside the cake, from sprinkles to chocolate shavings, it’s definitely one to try. 















Fault line cake

8. Divine cake displays 

The cake decoration itself is no longer enough for many elaborate consumers. Sometimes they need their cake to fit into an entire design vision. In 2020 cakes will now become the centre of a display, rather than a stand alone dessert.

Wedding cake

 9. Spectacular sprinkles

This 2020 cake decorating trend will make you feel about 7 years old again, but we love it! Sprinkles on wedding cakes, birthday cakes and other special occasion bakes are the perfect way to add a playful, yet tidy look to your chosen dessert. Sprinkles can come in all sorts of shapes, colours and sizes, from rainbows to chocolate flavourings. Sprinkles are one of the easiest ways to add another dimension to a simple cake, so it’s definitely worth adding it to your cake decorating repertoire in the new year.

10. Masterfully multi-tiered cakes

Last but not least, masterfully multi-tiered cakes are back in business. Forget two, three or even four tiers for your upcoming occasion; people want to go big or go home in 2020. With cakes made up of 10 to 12 layers, we are talking, really talking, masterpieces in the new year. When decorating cakes with a tonne of tiers it is often favourable to go with a simpler approach. A simple cream, white or pastel design will work wonders for a twelve tiered tower!

So if you’re booked up to create a wedding, birthday or special occasion cake in the new year, you know exactly what to do. Layer up those sponges, experiment with new flavours and try marvellous metallics to add a quirky twist to your bakes. With more and more elaborate trends emerging give yourself a little longer to complete your masterpieces and remember to make them Instagram worthy too. Your cake decorating game in 2020 is bound to soar through the roof with these techniques.

Pink iced cake

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