Easter Cupcake Decorations

  • £10.50

Cupcakes decorated with our Easter Cupcake Toppers would be perfect as a special gift at Easter time, ideal for friends or family.

If you're looking to give someone special a gift at Easter and you're for something a little different to the traditional Easter egg, then our Easter cupcake toppers would be a lovely idea. A decorated cupcake in an Easter themed cupcake box would make a fabulous addition to an Easter bag. A perfect Easter gift for both kids and adults.

Our Easter cupcake decorations are available in a wide variety of colours - orange, black, red, blue, green or purple. If you'd like an alternative colour, please contact us. If you have any queries or if you would like to know more about personalising the cupcake toppers slightly differently, please contact us as we'll always try to help.

The cupcake toppers can be used in different ways depending on what effect you're trying to create. In the main image above, the cupcake topper has been lightly stuck to a circle/disc of thicker fondant icing. This gives the cupcake topper a thicker look and maintains the rigidity. Alternatively, you can cover your cupcakes with standard water icing, let the icing dry and then stick the topper directly into this icing.

Each pack contains 12 individual personalised toppers.

The toppers last for up to three months from the point of ordering so long as they are kept in their original packaging. Our cupcake toppers are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee nut free on our products.

The sugar cupcake toppers are completely edible and are suitable to be used on most cake toppings.

The cupcake toppers measure approximately 5cm in diameter.

To find out more about applying our cupcake toppers to your cupcakes, please click here.

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