Baptism Cupcake Decorations

  • £10.50

Our personalised Baptism Cupcake Decorations are a fabulous addition to a stylish Baptism or Christening celebration.

The Baptism Cupcake Decorations can be personalised with the name of the baby, child or adult who is being baptised and also the date of the Baptism.

A box of cupcakes decorated with these cupcake toppers would make a wonderful Christening or Baptism present. Alternatively, cupcakes decorated with the personalised toppers along with the main cake would make an elegant finishing touch to the Baptism celebration party. 

The toppers can be produced in black, red, pink, blue, green or purple. However, if you would like an alternative colour, please contact us. If you have any queries or if you would like to know more about personalising the cupcake toppers slightly differently, please contact us as we will always try to help.

Each pack contains 12 individual personalised decorations.

The cupcake decorations measure approximately 5cm in diameter.

To find out more about applying our cupcake toppers to your cakes, please click here.

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